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I think we all did stuff like that growing up, but i can HONESTLY say that i have NEVER stolen a recycling bin.. That is just ridiculous.. I'm not sure why someone would steal that.. By the way, pumpkins left out after 10 on Halloween, are fair game.. And once the first egg leaves your hand, there's no turning back you have to empty the carton..

We have a pretty fancy Inn down the street from me and we used to go there nightly and rummage for things.. We always left with a few bottles of Vodka. And every Devil's Night a friend that worked in the kitchen would bring us a box of eggs.. A box consisted of 12 flats of 24..

Just toss the pop cans in a clear garbage bag, they'll get picked up.. Either that, or steal your neighbours bin.. LMAO

Kim: Have you ever thrown one against the ground??
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