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Ok, ok... I'm remembering my teenage years... Goddammit I probably had this coming... a flood of cloudy, disorganized memories rushing back to me now...

Travelling back to a time when Hallowe'en no longer meant candy, too big and ugly for trick or treating, it came to mean eating a bunch of acid and roaming the neighborhood, breaking and stealing things gratuitously... I kicked innocent pumpkins, threw eggs, stole random toys and Hallowe'en decorations, peed on car doors.

I remember one year we went out and ended up spending most of the night taking shopping carts from the front of a plaza, riding them and crashing them into eachother until we got to the back of the plaza. From there we ran them over the guardrail seperating the parkinglot from a steep drop into the woods. The carts would tumble and clatter down the hill to a chorus of giddy, insane laughter that made your face hurt. This went on for hours, each cart funnier than the last. My teeth still gnash together remembering those cold, drug fuelled rampages.

Damn it, it's hard to be mad now that I have been reminded of my own history of pointless, petty crime. Guess it's all part of growing up but I still have nowhere to put my empty pop cans! lol!
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