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Now That's Just Ghetto

Now I can respect a good thief, like the guys who steal expensive art or jewels, competent bank robbers that score millions then bugger off to South America. What I have no respect for is thieves who think small, people who just lack ambition.

There have been a several threads on this site regarding stolen animals, sometimes these have been valuable collections and sometimes it's been a $200 boa constrictor or funnier still an adult iguana which would take considerable effort to adopt out.

I have recently been the victim of this brand of sad thief of the lowest calibre. This is just my tedious way of complaining that some fuggin loser stole my blue box! lol! Who the hell steals a recycling bin and why? Is there a black market for them that I don't know about?

I propose a new section of the criminal code dealing with theft under $20. This should automatically be accompanied by a second new type of charge for aggravated criminal stupidity which would carry a penalty of either voluntary chemical castration or euthanization, perpetrator's choice.

Now what the hell am I supposed to do with all these pop cans?
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