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The part i dont understand, where are you guys getting that she needs help??? I cant find it lol, but if she is ill then i could understand that, but it doesnt say that she is. There are people that like animals and they go over bored, they get so many pets that in the end they have no money to feed them selves, children and the animals. It does happen, but the person just keeps her mouth shut and dont tell anyone cause they dont want to get charged for animal curelty(sp). But, yes if she is ill(dont want to use mental, cause its a strong word,IMO) i could understand that she did this cause she thought it was right. If we were to reserach on the internet to see how other animals are abused, its just sick, these people werent ill they did this for fun and they think its amusing.....People would burn dogs, put oil on them and light them. Has anyone seen the Toronto humane society(THS) tv show, they always play the same one over and over. Anyone remember about the cats??? this person left more then a dozen cats in a house, with fish tanks. They abandened the house, and wooded it up, theses cats were suffering, and this person ran way from the problem, leaving them to stave.

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