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?? So it is ok that the kids were starving but not ok for the dogs?
Thatís the point, and the fact is all you (and seriously without prejudice of course) animal lovers should realize that these people are not level headed, no matter how far you seem to think they are wrong and that you have a right to judge accordingly. If it were even more 'obvious' to you folks that the person was a bit off the wall, say the woman had Down Syndrome, then it would be "OK" for her to act this way because you would feel a bit bad about judging them then. I will never understand. Yet everyone keeps complaining about the dogs when people were also dealt the same cards. I do not understand folks that believe they are so caring when they say lock her in a cage. That is just as freaking cruel...Folks, this woman has no clue what she was doing, be a bit more humane yourselves. Good lord, folks complain about whacking rats because it is "inhumane", but yet treating another human so badly with unfair judgment is any better? Get real people, Have a heart. You sound horrible, honestly.
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