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Snake sitting

I'm gonna be out of town for a month and not only do I not trust my loved ones to take care of my snakies, nor do I want to put them through that.

There is a guy that I talk to all the time where I buy my feeders, and I'm sure that he would not mind snake sitting for me. I mentioned it to him a while back and it sounded prosperous.

I'm concerned though because I can't afford to pay him much, and I wonder how much one would expect to be paid for this. I have a BP and a Rosy. The rosy eats like a pig, but the BP hasnt eaten in months, so she mostly just needs water monitoring. I had planned on just putting them in temporary rubbermaids and giving them to him.

Anyone have any experience in snake sitting procedures? Basically - how much $? and is the rubbermaid setup gonna be ok?
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