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Interesting to see the responses. It does validate my concern somewhat. More so, I just emailed someone who I thought might be interested in the trip, and despite her averaging nearly 4 posts per day for a total of over 1200 posts, she was not aware of the trip and had not seen the posts.

I fully believe in having lots of separate forums for different topics. I like the events forums. In fact, I think all of the 'what did you get at the show' threads could go there as well.

However, I think there is a problem with having the upcoming events forum, which by its nature is very time-sensitive, right at the bottom of the long list. I think many people don't even know that it is there. Perhaps the upcoming events forums (there's only two) could be moved to the top of the list so that it would be easier for people to stay informed. Any thoughts, guys?

Also, I don't see much consistency with what gets moved. Upcoming reptile expo posts get left in the general discussion, as did Jordan's 'pre-expo party night' posts. If people are used to seeing these events in the general forum, why would they think to look elsewhere for others?

Anyway, back to work...

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