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Originally posted by Cedille
I don't think that picking the gas that pollutes the least is IDIOTIC LOGIC, thank you very much.

Yes but buying gas at a particular station does not garrantee that it was refined at any particular refinery. As Jeff said, you The price war is meant to be at the pumps If everyone stopped buying from the two biggest in favour of the smaller guys the GAS STATIONS THEMSELVES would have to react to stay in business. Personally I try to buy gas from the independent gas stations, their service tends to be better. There are only 5 refineries in Ontario, 3 of them in Sarnia, 1 in Nanticoke, 1 in Oakville...

here is a chart on the dirtiness of gasoline by refinery.

You can see that petro canada's fuel is dirtier in spring then one of esso's refineries (imperial).

So choosing by the name of the pump won't help you, as the gas could be from any of the 5 refineries.

If you were really concerned about the enviroment you would ride a bike or take the bus.
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