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Reptile show in Victoria???????

So Canwest shows hosted a Pet Expo in Victoria on the weekend. I went and was pleased to see 2 whole exhibitors there with herps and exotics! WOO HOO!! There were 2 guys from Wrapped up in Reptiles in Alberta ( I think that's the name) and 2 people from Cinemazoo in Vancouver. After holding "Thing" the burm and "Bretney" the albino burm, I think I'm in love! What wonderful snakes!

I think that I need to send Canwest Shows a message and tell them that they should set up a reptile show in Victoria. I sent an email to the WSPCR and they said that we need to organize one ourselves. All their people are on the mainland.

What do you think? Is their interest out there for a show on the Island?
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