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I think he was directly reffering to South Africa, seeings how thats exactly what he asked LOL I have been there when I was working directly north of it in Botswana's Kalihari Desert. There were Black Mambas, Cobras & Puff Adders for sure there. I didn't see any snakes really myself except for a few Puff Adders (they seemed to be the most common). There were tons of little lizards & spiders etc. in the desert, but don't ask me what kind LOL In S.A. itself being right along 2 different oceans I'd imagine there is all kinds of others in the coastal regions, but not sure what. Are you planning a trip? I'd avoid Jo-burg & go for somewhere like Cape Town instead its more friendly there. Seapoint is cool to check out (the point where the 2 Oceans meet). Anyhow if you do go have fun. Mark
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