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Haha, Matt, thats an Alpaca! LOL. They are commonly raised on farms. They have their hair sheered off every once in a while. Alpaca fibre goes for about $100 for enough to make about 2 socks, maybe three. It depends on the quality of the fibre. I've been in a fibre mill before. Anyways, normally they have about 3 inches of thick hair covering them. They don't completely sheer the top of the head though. The face does not grow much. It stays pretty well the way you see it. Yes, the teeth are pretty funny but they chew with all their teeth and those bottom teeth and the top teeth are the only ones that dont. they are mostly used for grabbing. Its pretty funny. BTW. If you every get caught in the crossfire between Alpacas(or Lamas, they're just bigger but pretty much the same), or Guacos(i think thats it, they are like an alpaca but beige and white) when they are spitting, just spit back. Its pretty fun. My uncle has 6 alpacas and 1 Lama. Also, alpacas are not only that colors. They come in pure while, brown, grey, combinations of colors, beige, black. Pretty cool little doods and an adult male(or some females.) could pick one up. LOL. Sorry for all my jibber jabber on them. Just thought i would add. They are pretty darn funny looking.

Matt, you say his teeth were as long as his toes? I hope your just exagerating because if they were, thats a serious issue. That thing is not on a proper diet if they are. By the way, the toes are called hooves.

Those guys are actually pretty friendly too.

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