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well I will tell you somthing i did ab out 4-5 years of karate and then saw the streets my life change for the worst.

You see street fighting is a no holds bar fight and when you are jumped there is more the 2-3 guys so on the street you need an equiliser ei..bass ball bat...knife...gun what ever floats your boat.

Don't take boxing to learn how to fight on the streets go on the streets to learn how to fight there.
Take it cause you like the sport!!!!

A street fighter will take your life just to shut you up.
If you saw me personaly and started talking like this around me saying you hade a knife on ya or went after a bunch of guys in your women beater I would take you out side and slap you around just cause i can you swing at me and i will stab you with your own knife.

A real street fighter gets the job done a never speaks of it again for his/her own safty.

I had to learn how to fight or i would not eat during the day when i was younger i thaugh i was toug $#!T then i was hospitalised and flat lined for a few secounds that wakes you up in the morning. i will tell you that much.

just remember this B4 you hit some one

ask your self....
who is this guys brother or sister, cousin and so on
who are his friends
who are the adults in his familly mom, dad, uncle.
(dude you punch out a mophia child you better learn how to swim with concreat boots)

also remember there is enugh street gangs out there they see you punch out some one they are gona recruit him and take care of him next thing you know you have the cript or bloods shooting up you house.

love the animals and forget about the rest trouble is only there if you are looking for it join a church do somthing productive with your youth.
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