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oh really?

Originally posted by K1LOS

However, in my probably not widely accepted way of thinking, I'd say the life of one gorilla is worth that of several humans. People are going to be around for a LONG time and we are in no real danger. Gorilla's however, are extremely at risk

Alright, I'll bite on that bait. lol!

I have never been able to understand this point of view though I have heard it before. The whole concept of placing equal or greater value on the life of an animal, endangered or not, as you would on the life of a human is somewhat offensive to me. It would be more offensive if it wasn't so silly.

The main difficulty I have with this is that when you don't put some forms of life on a higher level than others and say that all forms of life are of equal value you have, philosophically and morally, painted yourself into a corner.

In this example it's easy to think that maybe the world can spare a human or two to protect this rare and valuable animal. But if you extend this logic or brand of morality then it becomes equally true that humans have no more right to live than cattle, therefore humans should not eat meat from ANY animal, or hunt or set rodent traps. There are all kinds of people who feel this way, my opinion on that aside let's extend the same logic one step further.

If people are no more entitled to live than cattle then how is it they are more entitled to live than plants or insects or germs, bacteria or cancers for that matter? Are all these not also forms of life? Can you see how the whole idea begins to self-destruct because it fails to distiguish between different forms of life?

The fact is that nature itself embraces the idea that some forms of life are inherently more valuable than others. More evolved forms of life feed on less evolved forms of life, it's brutal and cruel but it's the only way.

I don't know about anyone else but I put human life on a higher level than the life of a cancer cell. I would gladly kill several million cancer cells to save the life of one human, in fact we call the doctors who do this things like "miracle worker" and "hero" not "murderer". I would also end the lives of many vegetables to sustain a single human life, same goes for insects, rodents, poultry, cattle and YES even endangered gorrillas. I say if a human life is at risk then we should kill the LAST gorrilla if we have to despite the fact that humans aren't among the endangered species.
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