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Nothing planned but if I would have known about APC on the 22nd I probably would have went. Are there tickets left? If not I wouldn't mind seeing them if they have other dates in canada them or Tool..... but I have seen Tool twice already. Incubus put on a pretty deadly show last year I would see them again as well. I like the new album much better than morning view. If anyone has a chance to go see No Use for a Name I would highly recommend going and seeing them that put on probably the best show I've seen(and Tool is my favorite band) a couple months ago. This weekend I saw Choke and well I think they are awesome but most people I've met cant stand them. You ever heard them Ken they are from Edmonton?.... you probably wouldn't like them but you never know.... very punk
Oh yeah and Tom Jones is coming to Thunder Bay soon..... but I heard you have to bring a pair of panties to throw on stage, and I currently dont own any.... lol
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