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lol if you dont like my topics why click and reply on them? lol
Well, I guess that would be because the topic "boxing" might contain some interesting content, but instead all you do is talk about how much muscle you have (LOL) and how you always have to carry a knife and crap like that.

As someone posted in your other thread about being hit with a metal baseball bat. You said that when they saw you coming wearing your wife beater the guy ran in his house...hmm It takes some guts to swing at someone with a bat considering you could get charged for that if you seriously injured the person, so on that point, the guy would have to have a few screws loose, and id assume he wouldn't be running from a little 14 year old punk. Honestly, I think you probably made the whole story up to get attention and make yourself look tough. Unfortunatly the story has no use on a reptile website and you just make yourself look like a fool.
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