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Originally posted by Invictus
Oh, and for the record, Lacuna Coil is probably my favorite band of all time, so I'm definitely not going to the POD concert to see POD.

Amazing band Invictus, they also play great live, pay close attention to their drummer Criz...the guy is a nutcase, awesome style.

As for Sketchy4 going to see HIM...well..........DAMN YOU!!! I envy you man, those guys are not comming anywhere near Canada.

Upcomming concerts:

March 25th - Dream Theater

April 22nd - A Perfect Circle

April 26th - Iced Earth and Children Of Bodom (HELL YA!!!)

April 28th - Einsturzende Neubauten

May 12th - Lacuna Coil with some other bands...

For now that's it i think...
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