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Originally posted by snakehunter
The lizard is a skink, most likelya broad head, but could be a male five line.
Most definitely E. laticeps (Broadhead Skink), a sexually mature male. Such as this one:

Originally posted by snakehunter
Five line males DO NOT have the strips and blue tail, those are the females.
Close, not quite though. You are quite right about the stripes, the presence is sometimes a good indication of a female.
Both juvenile males and females of the three easily confused members of Eumeces (laticeps - broadhead, inexpectatus - Southern five-lined, fasciatus - Eastern five-lined) have blue tails.
Fully mature adults (males and females) do not have the blue tails. You may occasionally encounter young animals (second or third year) exhibiting juvenile and adult coloration, such as this one:

Notice the blue tail (juvenile characteristic) and orange throat and head (characteristic of older males during breeding season).

However, fully mature male five-lined skinks will look like this:

And a fully mature female five-lined skinks will look like this (no blue tail, no orange coloration; however, they do retain the striping - even this sometimes diminishes almost completely with age):

Finally, both sexes of juvenile E. fasciatus look like this:

Actually, laticeps, fasciatus, and inexpectatus all look exactly the same as juveniles and since there is so much overlap and possible hybridization scale-counts are even unreliable.

P.S. I love talking about Eumeces if you haven't noticed....:thumbsup:
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