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Hi Jim,
Its sad but true, not many people in this province, but it is good too hear from anther herper in the province, I have an ok collection of Reptiles that I'm hoping it will be expanded it this summer. I'm always glad too hear of others from NB though because shipping can get costly. I think I've heard your name mentioned before but I've never noticed you on here before, as for snakes I keep boids. I also keep a few other things. I'm hoping too pick up a few things in a couple months, including an adult female boa, I've got a big male and I'm want too try my hand at breeding him but first I need a female if I'm lucky I'll find one in province, shipping a large animal is costly. Do you keep other reptiles or just snakes? Iím nosy always like too know whatís around, Helps me make plans what too get next.
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