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I'm not usually one to defend cops (especially ones that wear cowboy hats) but in this situation I would have shot the gorrilla in a heartbeat.

In the Toronto Star article the representative from the zoo didn't accept the blame for the animal escaping, he tried to make it sound like it was the fault of the crowd of people around the cage.

"We believe he was taunted and tormented by a group of children. We have scoured the area and we can't see any signs at all of any wrongdoing on our part, such as a door left unlocked. We honestly don't know how he got out."

WHAT?? Here's a sign of wrongdoing: THE GORRILLA GOT OUT! We all keep animals here, who's fault is it if your 20 foot retic gets out of his cage? How can you blame a bunch of kids? Did the kids let the beast out?? Talk about BS! It's totally, 100 percent the zoo's fault this whole thing happened, not the kids and not the cops.

The cops had to worry about making sure the animal didn't hurt any MORE people, they didn't have time to think of preserving endangered wildlife, the creature had already mauled at least one toddler.

As for tranquilizing the animal, the zoo staff had the period of time between the escape and the arrival of the cops to do that themselves. They didn't have the stuff close enough at hand to use it before the cops did what they had to do to prevent people from being killed by a dangerous, escaped animal and as a result the animal is now dead. Who's responsibility is it to keep gorrilla tranquilizers handy? Seems to me that's the zoo's department, not the cop's.

I would hate to think about how secure their other enclosures are if they can't find a single thing wrong with one that obviously has gorrilla sized flaw. That zoo should be shut down until someone who knows what they're doing can audit the place and the necessary improvements are made and the idiots in charge are fired and replaced with competent people.
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