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Originally posted by nickykci

The problem with my husband is that when i try to talk about getting a snake, all he sais is NO, he dosent give his reasons, just no, and never wants to talk about it, it pisses me off, i'd like to at lease get a reason. I want to bring him in a pet shop and show him a corn, but i never saw a corn snake here in our pet shops... i know some ppl that have some, but they are a long drive away...
I know this is serious, we are married, and he lives with me, so even though i will do everything the snake needs, clean it, feed it... he will still see the snake. And i don't want to get one, and have to give it away! then again I am not a child, and I should be able to make that decision myself.... so as everyone can see, I am really confused!!!
You are right, you are married, blah blah blah. But he needs to give his reasoning for not wanting one in the house. And if it's a good reason, then its something you both need to talk and hash out. But, and I would tell him this, "NO" is not an acceptable reason, be upfront with him and put your foot down so to speak. Either he tells you the reason or you go and get it. Then if he has a good reason, hoperfully he will tell you.

I've gone through, and continue to go through this with my half. I respect his opinions, and his only reason is " I feel overrun by reptiles and fish". That is not a good enough reason for me, considerring, he has absolutely NOTHING to do with them. Yes there's critters in most rooms in the house, looks good.

Wow, I'm getting OT ( onto me LOL ).

But there's my opinion, take it for what its worth
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