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20 people could not detain a gorilla bare handed. It is just not possible. Remember... the upper body strength of a gorilla is immense.... Though they are terrestrial quadrapeds.... their arms are still made for lifting themselves into trees. This requires immense strength.. especaily condiering their weght (adult males are 180 lbs)
Also...... there was far too quick of a reaction on the part of the police officers. 20 feet away from an "angry gorilla" is quite a distance. Gorillas put on more of a show than an full fledged assault....... they will run at you baring teeth.. but this is a threat, and is instead mean't to drive you away. If you back down.. or show signs of submission, the gorilla will ease up. Police are not proplery trained to know and read gorilla behaviour.... though they were "just doing their job"...... I don't think it was their place to shoot with guns to begin with. I am sure there were tranquilizers on hand of some sort.... there had to have been. Thier job was to get people to safety.... that is rounding them up, and getting them somewhere safe. These animals are not like a rabid pitbull...... they are far too rare to be shot like an armed robber. I think the situation was handled wrong.... instead.. there should have been protocols in place in case this happened. If there were, they certainly were not followed.
Tomorrow.... I will talk to my human evolution prof... she is a primatologist... I will get her PhD opinion on the matter and get back to you.
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