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You could add a few more peices of detailed information. You may also want to run a spell check, and read it over a few times yourself. I will PM you some suggestions later tonight.

A few changes, however, goes as follows:

Temperatures: Recommend 120-150F. Adjust according to how often you notice the mali basking. For example, if it is spending all the time under the basking spot, raise the temps. This and visversa.

Substrate: For sand, include that they love to burrow themselves, and this adds a greater sense of security.

Lighting: I do not know where you purchase your lighting, but I definitely do not pay $70 for UVB lights.

Feeding: I wouldn't say this is the hardest thing. Mention that most dark greens are what your going to want to aim for. Also, I feed mine silkworms rather then crickets. They catch them much faster, and are more nutritious. You may want to mention that crickets are not the only option.

Lettuce is garbage, nutrition wise. It does however have a high water content, which is about all it is good for. You may want to mention this, so that individuals don't feed a lettuce based diet, because it may be the cheapest. Also, carrots are to be fed in scarce amounts. Very little should be included in the green diet, as it binds to the calcium. Also mention that you can add such veggies as beans and peppers.

You also neglected to mention supplementation. Calcium and multivitamin supplementation is important in maintaining proper health.

Other Suggestions: Lately, I am finding a lot more CBB uromastyx are being offered. You may want to mention that WC specimens are prone to parasites, and these should be checked and treated.

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