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Scotty, I check pollstar every day. Bluesfest Isn't announced yet.
I saw the chair I want today... 8.99 at Depot. I can't decide if I want red or blue, they were out of blue, but you can't beat the price or the weight.
We definately need chairs next time, especially those fold up ones with beer holders.
I've been buying up all of David Gogo's stuff
He rocks!! I think you will agree. Last year was great... Remember that little Zydeco chick..what the heck was her name,!!!

I'm gonna see Lee Aaron in a couple weeks, and Goddo is an old highschool fav, that is playing all over To these days.
I saw Metallica , Limp dicksick, Deftones and
Lincoln Park last year..on the sanitarium tour
They are supposed to Play in Hamilton this year, but it's not confirmed yet

I liked Lincoln Park! Those guys impressed me
Even bought the album
Uncle Roy
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It's a Lifestyle
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