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Tell him that if he won't give you a reason besides "no i hate snakes" then say fine, if your not going to give me a reason, then i'm just going to get one.

I agree that it should be something that is discussed. But I really don't see a corn snake as this huge purchase, unless you are getting an expensive morph.

They are pretty cheap to house (rubbermaid), substrate is cheap/free, and toilet paper tubes can be used as hides! all this under 20$
The most expensive thing would be the UTH (assuming you don't have one) and the food, over the years, and the snake it'self (anywhere from $20 and up)

Put the snake in a room that has a door, put a rubber stopper on the bottom of the door, and make sure no spaces are there so a baby corn can't get out. That way if it does get out, it will stay in the room. (providing there are no holes out anywhere else).
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