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Hi, my name is Ryan, and I am a "view new posts" user.

Always have been.

The way it works, is it shows all new activity since you last signed in. So if you have been browsing, then check new posts, you may only see 3 because of your recent activity. I use it as soon as I sign in, so I don't lose the cache of new posts.

As a moderator, when I move posts that have had some activity, I usually leave a redirect. That way people would still see it in the general forum, but could read it and post to it on the Canadian Events, where the Pelee trip does belong.

I understand your concern, I've wondered how many people get to see our events we post on the events forum, but with a site this large - things need to go in the proper forums, otherwise there would be chaos, anarchy and destruction of a width never before seen or imagined. O.k, so it might not be that bad, but you know....

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