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I personally don't beleive these rumors. I think the guy is the greatest (I even named my Lizard after him). I think the t.v. show is legit. I beleive that they most likely do bring in a captive with them occassionally and make it look like it is in the wild but it is all for our benefit. The man is trying to educate the world about reptiles and show people that they aren't animals that should be feared but loved. This is the same man who picked up a Mojave Rattlesnake up off the ground and let it curl up in his hands. Even if they prove that he was cooling the animals down I wouldn't care and would continue to watch him every Wednesday night like I always do. I do think he should stick to his t.v. show and not acting.
We may have snakes sticks but you still can't compare that to the craziness of a Homeless person!!
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