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How many people use "View New Posts" vs. reading a few specific forums

Hi all,

I'm wondering what proportion of you use the "View New Posts" feature to keep up with things, and how many simply browse 2-3 (or more) forums routinely.

Personally, I simply browse a couple of forums daily because they are the ones relevant to my interests. When I've got some time, I read some others to see what's going on there. If I get into a discussion in one of them, then I'll check it regularly for a while until the discussion drops off.

"View New Posts" would bring up lots of stuff that I don't need to see. Also, I'm not certain how it determines "New". If anyone can explain, please do. For example, I just tried it and it came up with only 3 posts. However, when I go to the General Discussion forum, there are scads of posts there that I haven't read yet (and likely won't).

Anyway, my reason for asking is that my Pelee trip announcement post was moved to the Canadian Events forum, which I virtually never read as I don't even scroll down that far to see if there are any new posts (via the little icons on the left). I'm wondering what the odds are that users of the site would never see the announcement in that location.

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