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pet expo i went to

Today I went to the Pet expo in Victoria. I spent all my time at the reptile and spider tables. I got a picture with me and a 10 ft albino burmese python at aleast 80 lbs. I also handled a 8 foot albino burm at 50 lbs and a normal 5 foot burm. I wrangled a snow, grey, amelanistic, and normal corn snakes at once. i also handled a very friendly bird eating spider, an indigo snake, an albinno gopher snake, Jungle carpet python, emperor scorpion, a cockatooo, snery honduran milksnake and a normal ball python. Pretty good for 4 hours and I also got to take over one of the reptile tables while the people at the table did a seminar. I also met the people who did the leopard gecko Telus commmercials and a bunch of other animal commercials.
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