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Okay its time for my two cents...

I think that as a married couple you should consider what your husband said because of the partnership that marraige is.

That being said, my father who was afraid of snakes came for a visit. He knew full well that I have snakes and he spent the first day not going near them. Then one day he walked out of the bathroom to find my 11 year old step brother handling one of my king snakes! Well the "man" in him took over and before he left his "fear" of snakes was gone.

I can't say that the same thing would happen with your husband as I really don't know what he is like, but taking him to pet stores or even if you can get him to a herp show seem like a viable option. Expose him to how harmless these snakes are.

Also buy a book or sign one out from the library if you can. Read it and ask him to read it. Education is the key! Maybe you can do more than get him to "allow" you to have a snake....maybe you can share this as a hobby!

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