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I really don`t know wherre to begin.........I feel that the least ģi could do is explain a little as to WHY ģI stoped Arachnomania. I have a public anger problem that really needed to be resolved. ģThere are a certain kind of people I cannot stand being around but found myself forced to be around due to my business. Prior to arachnomania I was president of the American pit bull terrier club of montreal and the same was true for this. I have been losing my true self hiding behind a wall pretending to be someone else. Don`t get me wrong, some of you kjnow the real know who you are.......If you think you`re not sure then you don`t. ģI beleive there might be 3-4 people who actually know me enough to understand what I mean. I was supposed to go out of business 5-6 months ago but as some of you all know, ģI selfishluy chose to leave my wife instead.
I will stricly be able to be contacted at my new personnal e-mail address at
I will also be staying in the hobby and still breeding my tarantulas, I will also still be importing tarantulas for myself and offering to import for my friends that have supported Arachnomania in the past at reduced prices as to solely reduce my shipping cost.
I hope that most of you will choose to remain in contact with me at my new e-mail address,,,,,,,my phone numbers AND internet has been canceled and now only checking my e-mails at my friends and work place.
Take care you all,it`s been fun but now it`s time for me to go..............
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