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x-rays show soft tissue very very poorly
what they do show is density of tissue or bone. snakes are very
hard to x-ray as are most reptiles main reason being they are
hard to keep still and "most" are small making it hard to see
I had a corn hatchling with a broken back due to being "popped"the person who "popped it did know what they where doing but it still happened.
had to take X-rays with a dental machine it see how bad the break was.

you can tell the sex by the tail on very few snakes and they have to be near breeding age to really tell .

so the best ways are to have the snake "popped" by someone who you trust and that they really know what they are doing like
a vet who works with reptiles, or to be probed agian be someone
who knows what they are doing.

accidents do happen even the best are some times not right
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