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Originally posted by Vengeance
Well as long as everything was cared for I don't see a problem with having allot of animals. Were they not being cared for?
Absolutely not, there were way too many of them. I have a lot of animals myself, and am not discouraging it, however it's no where even close to this. I've never seen a house like that in my life, there wasn't an inch uncovered. Picturing an overcrowded pet store is still better. A lot of the time it was an "I felt sorry for it" case, and bringing the animal home, without care to resources. It was like an obsessive behaviour, animal after animal. She would say that she needs to sell some off (no kidding!) but wouldn't, yet would still keep acquiring more. She brought home an aquatic turtle without knowing how to care for it, but when informed, still didn't improve it's living conditions. Then bought another one.

What can you do
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