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Originally posted by nickykci
He dosen't have a phobia, he just hate snakes, he is from africa, which there, alot of snakes are dangerous, so i get that, but i mean a Corn snake!
I'm from Australia, and there the majority of snakes are not just dangerous - they are downright deadly. I think of the top 10 most deadly snakes in the world, all are from Australia and in the top 20, its 18 or 19. Growing up there, I was very accustomed to coming across deadly snakes unexpectedly, and all it did was increase my respect for them. One time I went for a walk by myself and came literally face to face with a King Brown snake which exceeded 8 feet in length (I was walking along a dirt road that was about 8 feet wide and his tail disappeared into the bush on one side of the road while his head was clear on the other side of the road). His head was only inches from my feet, and I knew that no matter how fast I moved, he could move faster, so I simply stopped and we eyed each other for a couple of minutes then he took off, very quickly into the bush.

Of course, the majority of people there don't love snakes any more than the majority here do, so I'm not saying that everyone has the same response to them that I do. However since it sounds like his response to you getting a snake is based on his fear (healthy respect?) for their danger potential, reassure him that corn snakes do not have that potential, and although any snake CAN bite, corns rarely do, and when they do, their bites are not full of venom. Also, take him with you to a pet store where they have hatchlings, and let him see them as babies, when they look completely harmless. Let him see you or a store employee handling one. Getting one as a hatchling and letting it grow up with you, may seem less formidable, than it would if you started out with a 4' cornsnake which would more likely remind him of the snakes he ran into in Africa.
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