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Ya, I promised myself many a moon ago that at my first opportunity, i'd haul *** down to the pound and take home the ugliest little mutt I could find, take him home and hug him and love him and call

Well realistically, after doing some research, I realise that there are requirements to think about like size, temperment, needs etc. I've had zero experience with large dogs so need to limit myself to a small-medium breed. Also, i've read that for a first time adopter, a rescue dog as opposed to a shelter animal is better because they've had time to work out "some" of their issues and there is more info to be had about them as they have been observed closely for a period of time. Finally, even getting a dog out of foster is helping the system because it opens a door for a shelter dog to take his place with that family. All part of a cycle. I've got a short list of people i'm working with as well as the THS, EHS and MHS so we'll see what happens. Nothing is for sure. This beagle, Oliver, sort of found me so maybe its destined .

He's a great boy it seems. He's had a tough time of it, including a period of time locked in a garage, sitting in his own filfth so he's got some confinement issues. He's survived Kennel Cough, a suspected case of Cushings (he's recently been cleared) and there are two lumps on his chest that we need to watch. I have a good house to bring him to so i'm hoping we can make him as comfortable as possible.

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