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Currently a training curriculum designer for Verizon telecommunications. Good pay, good benefits - high stress though and often looong hours. I do enjoy the fact that I get to keep learning (have to learn the subject matter to design the training).

I started out with Verizon as a call center representative- over half the employees in my center were on some anti depressant or other and the stress of call after call with no off line time was most of the reason.

I feel for the service people out there! I waited tables, bartended and managed restaurants for 15 years. Worked crazy hours (my usual shift was 7pm to 7am) at an all night diner. I still have nightmares about it! I think I waited on or served every freak of nature that came through town. Got to be really good friends with the local cops because I called them every weekend to arrest someone for drunken stupidity (usually assault on another customer or one of the staff). Of course on my days off- what did I do but spend my tips in everyone else's bars...
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