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My husband isn't into snakes in the least. I had snakes before I met him and will have snakes after he's gone (not very nice, but women do tend to live longer on average ). He doesn't understand my interest, but he does respect it! He's gotten used to the rats in the freezer and the "guest room" full of snake cages. We both have our own hobbies and interests and don't have to share them if we don't want to. If you can take care of the snake on your own, then it won't really affect him unless he's totally phobic and can't stand them in the house. You never know- after he watches the snake for awhile, it might become more interesting to him. My husband hated cats for years due to childhood allergies and he now loves them (and living with my cats cleared the allergies up strangely).
Good luck- get your snake!
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