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Hey, I see no problem with somebody owning lots of animals, if they can care for them, if I could afford the time and money I wouldn’t hesitate too take in as many animals as possible. As for rescuing, I agree completely that people shouldn’t take in animals they aren’t prepared too fork over tons of money too get them back on track, even if it doesn’t look very likely you can help, if your not willing too try then you should never have taken "rescued" it in the first place, and bye no means if rescuing cheaper in any way then purchasing a new healthy animal, the sav I rescued about 3 weeks ago cost me 200 dollars in vet bills, in addition too heat, and trying every type of food possible too finally get him too eat, and when I took him in I was told from the illnesses he had it was a 50/50 chance he survived through it, unfortunately he didn’t, after just over 2 weeks, and all that money he passed away, too me its all about the animal, I enjoyed the fact that I gave the poor guy a fighting chance. But if it were just too have another pet it is MUCH cheaper too just pickup a sav, maybe if more people would be willing too point out just how much it costs too deal with sick animals less people would adopt thinking it would be a cheap pet
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