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Vanan and I work as a cook/waitress team right now. Back in BC, Vanan worked for the SPCA as an animal control officer, and I was a full time student. I plan to get back to school soon and finish my degree (BSc).

I feel for us service industry folk. People suck. I can't wait to tell off the next a-hole to pour his own damn coffee. As a side benefit, Vanan's turned out to be a darn good cook!

As for Rig Pigs, that totally cracked me up Mark. I also do housekeeping and man, that's EXACTLY the term. RIG PIG!! Uck!!

Interesting the varied jobs we all have. Seems so mundane to work. Why can't we all be slackers like Mark IsBell. Actually, if I could stay in University my whole life, I would. The pursuit of knowledge. Aaah!

Well it doesn't matter, whatever we do for a living, as long as it pays for rodent bills and new snakes, it's a good life!
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