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Here is my issue here......

If a guy attempts suicide after watching "Passion of the Christ" and reading the bible.... people just think he is crazy and that is that.

But if someone attempts suicide after playing a violent video game or watching a movie... or listening to heavy metal... people freak out and want to ban the stuff because of its apparent "influence"

Nobody ever comes out and says religious things should be banned when someone emulates them amidst insanity... so why do people go ape over things when they involve music or video games..... Double standard maybe??????

I think Chris Rock said it best...
"Whatever happened to crazy?"

I think people will do crazy things regardless of the media they are exposed to... whether it be the bible, video games, or music.
It doesn't make a difference. If sesame street was the only thing available for anyone to watch, they would say that oscar the grouch told them to kill somebody.

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