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Thank you to all with the kind comments. Working with Nuno made the job 12x easier.

Very nice site Nuno, great job David.. What's up with the Gino Beats though??? LMAO
You know, I like to add a little personality to each page .

Again thank you all for the awesome words. Nuno is a fantastic job, and possibly the best part of doing a design for him was the fact that I had the opportunity to view his collection first hand. If I had to describe it in one word - wow! Each and everyone of his boas exceeds my expectations. And Nuno - I must apologize for doubting the quality of that male of yours! I mean, when you first showed me in the dark, I was like ok hes pretty nice. But the weekend after, in the light, HOLAY MOLAY!

His husbandry practises are top notch. He is insane on cleanliness and sterility, which is awesome. No one touches a snake without using antibacterial handwash, and you must repeat the process inbetween handlings. Each enclosure is flawless. Congrats man, you will definitely be very successful. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for boa constrictors.
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