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help with indoor pond construction in Welland

Given all the recent discussions about working with epoxy, I thought there might be some interest out there:

I'll be building an indoor pond for a client in Welland, probably next week. I could use some help with it, as it is much easier with two people. Anyone interested in learning epoxy waterproofing techniques? It should take about 3 hours for the initial coat, and then 1-2 hours for the second. This may be all in one day, or split between an afternoon and the next morning. I'll pay $12/ hour for the assistance.

The actual work will involve mixing batches of epoxy, cutting fibreglass sections, and handing me stuff. I'll do the application, though I'd let someone try it if they want to. The site is under construction, so no worries about getting epoxy on expensive flooring, etc., but obviously careful attention to what you're doing is required!

Also, anyone in the region who's willing to put up a travelling herper for the night, I could use a couch to crash on

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