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Too many to list.

Right now I'm addicted to Tetris worlds online for xbox, way too much time spent on that game.

Final fantasy series is great, oddworlds- abe's oddesye, SSX and SSX Tricky (many months spent on that game) i'm still waiting for another release for xbox live, My man can't wait for Halo 2, pretty much all the classic games we enjoy, most have been listed by someone else already.

We're pretty much hard core gamers, we have 2 tv's each with 2 systems a piece, that way when one of us is playing one system the other can play another one on the other tv. I have no clue how many games we have last count was 36 for xbox, 11 for PS2, and 6 or 7 for Game Cube. Plus we have all the versions of gameboys that still get plenty of use.

Anyone out there have xbox live????
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