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Originally posted by Yve
it was in the Garden District.....fine dining....from what I recall it was an old house converted into a restaurant on a corner....ring a bell?
That could be quite a few places

Here's a list of some of my fav eateries:

Cheap eats:

Angeli, on Decatur and Gov. Nicholls

Winnie's- Magazine St. I forget the address but you can always look it up. It's a really cute sandwich shop/art gallery. They're only open for breakfast and lunch.

Basil Leaf- Thai food on Carrollton and Jeannette in the Riverbend area

Expensive places:

Peristyle- rated best food in the city by Zagat. It's fairly hard to get a reservation. On the corner of Dumaine and N. Rampart in the quarter

Rene Bistrot- in the CBD. The food is divine

Cuvee- also in the CBD, on Magazine St. The food is uber expensive but orgasmic. I'd suggest sitting at the bar for appetizers and dessert. Did I mention how expensive it is?

Lee Circle Restaurant- in Lee Circle in the Le Cirque Hotel

Martinique Bistro- 5908 Magazine St., in between Nashville and State St. uptown. French food plus they have outdoor dining

Mango House- on Jeannette St. (next to Basil Leaf) It's carribean food. Nice quaint little place!

I don't really eat at *traditional* New Orleans places so I can't really help you on those.
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