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Help me decide my next snake please :)

Ok, I can't put this in a species specific forum, so I thought I'd throw it out here.

I need idea's for my next snake.

My knowledge of snakes is somewhat limited. I currently have a BRB and a cornsnake. Both of which I have researched, bugged the respective forums, etc. about. So I have absolutely no probs researching, just need to know the name to research LOL.

What I would like:

- something calm ( seldom snaps )
- larger bodied than my BRB, thicker and heavier I mean
- not sure on length so we will leave that one out, but I do NOT want any of the extremely large snakes.
- something that max. sized prey would be xtra large rats ( 2 if need be ) because I know I can get those. Not sure on rabbits or other larger prey.
- nice to look at
- moderate level for care/husbandry.

Those are the basics, so let's have some names I can research Thanks everyone. List as many as you want, this is definately not something I am JUMPING into, I want to research it thoroughly before deciding.
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