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Post them all

I know this subject has been done a 1,000 times. But people get new things every day and new people join every day. So This gives every one another chance to post what the have in there collection.

My private collection and some of my breeders.

Reticulated Pythons

1.1 Ambon Yellow head Reticulated pythons
1.2 Sulawsie Island Reticulated pythons
0.1 Tiger Reticulated python
1.0 Normal Reticulated python

Burmese Pythons

2.1 Albino Burmese pythons
0.1 Green Patternless Burmese python (with egg's)
0.1 Normal Burmese python

Blood Pythons

1.0 Borneo Blood Python
0.1 Sumatran Blood Python
0.1 Black Blood Python
0.1 Red Blood Python


0.1 Yellow Anaconda
0.1 Green Anaconda

Carpet Pythons

2.1 Coastal Carpet python
1.0 Jungle Carpet python


1.0 Colombian Boa
0.1 Colombian Black tail


0.1 Pueblen Milk Snake Gone To Scotty bellyDraggers
0.1 Corn Snake

1.0 Black Rough Neck Monitor
0.0.1 Black rough neck Monitor
1.1 Savana Monitors
1.0 dummerils Monitor

2.1 Iggys
3.1 Blue tounge Skinks
1.1 Bearded Dragons


1.1 Rose hair Tarantulas
0.1 Albino Pac-Man Frog
0.0.1 Spectical Caimen
1.2 Rats
1.2 Mice
1.1 Rotties
0.1 Boxer/Mastiff
0.1 Pit bull / Rottie
1.0 Main coon Cat
0.1 Barn Cat

0.1 Wife

What all do you all have?

Specializing in Large Pythons
Home of the "GIANTS"

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