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Looking for boxers

I know this is a herp forum, but I know you all love animals of all kinds, so I thought I would ask:

I'm finally moving into a place that allows dogs! It's about time! I get weird looks when I tell peope I'm a pet trainer, but I don't have a dog. I am going to get a boxer, but I am a little picky. I want a puppy that doesn't have his or her (pref. female) ears cropped. It has to be an AKC or CKC registered dog, but I'm not going to be showing at all. I'm more concerned about a pure bloodline for temperment and possibly breeding. I'm not worried about tail docking either way. I understand that I will probably have to reserve one before it's born, but I have no problem waiting. Any of you have any leads you might be able to give me?
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