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thanks Nolagurl....I hung out at the Whirling Dirvish a few times during my last visit..Molly's was another place that we'd usually start our night at. I'll check out the posted sites and bars you far as food goes...I liked the Gumbo shop...the food was great and Seaports had a good 'happy hour'. Up here people will pay as much as $4 per raw oyster...they were 25c a piece at Seaports...I think I downed two dozen! there was another place in the quarter that did a few crawfish boils during the day...that was yummy! yet another place that was interesting was a soul food restaurant on Frenchmen, where the waiter's were dressed very classy..Pralines Connection....anyhow recommendations are always welcome for restaurants....there is one place that I ate at during my first visit but I couldn't remember what it was called or exactly where it was...maybe you could was in the Garden District.....fine dining....from what I recall it was an old house converted into a restaurant on a corner....ring a bell?

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