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Our vacation to B.C with a link to many pictures

Since there is no vacation forum, I thought I'd be safe to post this here

We went on a vacation to Fairmont B.C. We stayed at a 5 star resort, for free, because friends of ours own a time share there. All we had to do was sit through the presentation, and fend off a flury of pushy sales people wanting to sell us a time share (2 hours).

Sheila and I aren't big fans of skiing, it was too early for golf, but we don't do that either. So we drove around backroads looking for wildlife and cool places, and checked out every little town between Radium Hotsprings and Canal Flats.

And then we drank lots of beer.

There is a lot of nice scenery, but not as much wildlife as Leader.

I've put a bunch of pictures on the webpage. There are 4 pages of pictures in total which you can link to from the first one.
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