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Thank You Animal Planet

After have spent over the last year without cable, I had gone to a friends house to record a television program for her and my girlfriend. As I was sitting back and flipping through the channels, I stopped by Animal Planet and watched some of the Miami Animal Cops show. What a load of crap. Anyone who likes that needs a good head examination. Not a soul new anything about animals, just dips in suits. Even the so-called herp expert had to say that Burmese pythons were known to kill and eat people. How nice to add on public TV. Makes for great words for the public to hear.

Animal Planet is adding some extremmely crap shows to their programming. None of which even has anything all that important nor truthful to add about animals and the things that we should be learning. All it is becomming (prolly has been for some time) is a bunch of these "police" shows with a$$holes that have no clue about the animals they protect and these silly morning shows about doggies and the moronic owners. What ever happened to spaying and neutering? Now we glorify morons and the dogs and cats they should not be having come into the world. It's the people in the shows that need to spayed and neutered. Maybe they can get Melissa Kaplan her own talk show now. That's if they can find a couch big enough for the hostess.

What ever happened to helping native wildlife over our own sillly pets? Seems Animal Planet only cares for one thing, and that is being in the money machine. Very rarely is there a decent show on any longer, and these make up the re-runs. This channel sucks. I recommend everyone turn off their television and head out and go hiking. Go see a movie. Would be real nice for them to trully get into caring for the world and its creatures, but no, they choose to make ***** programming for morons who cannot leave the couch.

Thank You Animal Planet.....We solute you.
Beau Medlar

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