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There is one at my house and to be totally honest there will never be another one. The first one I had I didnt know enough about and died 3 weeks after it arrived home. I spent many sleepless night in those 3 week it had to be force fed and all sorts of other bs. after talking to some people and posting some pics they concluded it was to young to be seperated from its mother. The petstore had another one for me with in days, we hadn't even decided if we wanted to go through that again but couldnt leave that one at the store. this new one has already cost me 300 in vet bills to have 2 growths removed. Since then he has been grouchy all the time and enjoys biting which hurts far more than any snake bite. He's like a mini pitbull if he bites the arm of my t-shirt I can lift my arm straight out and he'll hang there. Also there quills can cause quit an iratation to the skin. He'll be well cared for the rest of his life but never again.

also the seem quite pron to tumors/cancer later in life which seem to have a lot to do with not being able to provide the proper diet in captivity...they are Insectivores not rodents and most of the hedgehog specific food is crap. They like to run in a wheel but regular rodent wheels are a hazard to them as there long legs are pron to getting caught between the bars. with the solid wheels though you have to scrub it out daily as the like to do thier business while thiere running...its a mess. They are great swimmers, ours like to do lips in the tub.

do your research

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